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Zetron Solves communication challenges for…

  • Public Safety...
    From a large-scale, fully–integrated command and control system to a self-contained, single workstation console, we tailor systems for police dispatch, PSAPs, emergency medical, fire departments, and Coast Guard.

  • Transportation...
    Zetron Mission-critical communication systems are tailored to meet the unique needs of aviation, railways, maritime, and local transport.

  • Municipal Services...
    Zetron offers versatile communication solutions for municipal service such as transit, freeways, emergency preparedness, and correctional facilities.

  • Natural Resources...
    Ecology, agriculture, land reserves, forestry, and mining use Zetron radio-telephone systems, consoles, and wireless SCADA to ensure safe and efficient operation.

  • Healthcare...
    Zetron offers a variety of paging, alarming, and radio dispatch equipment to meet the communication needs of hospitals, nursing homes and retirement villages.

  • Utilities...
    Utility companies, such as electric, oil/gas, water, and telephone, use Zetron’s dedicated communication systems to ensure coordinated responses to emergencies, greater security and more efficient services.

  • Service Providers...
    Zetron’s paging and trunked radio systems help paging carriers and mobile radio operators establish cost-effective networks.

  • Facilities Management...
    Zetron’s private radio systems, dispatch consoles, and SCADA systems are used by facilities management applications, such as campuses, hotels and casinos, halls and stadiums, public buildings, and zoos and parks.

  • Manufacturing...
    Zetron offers automation tools, on-site paging, and in-plant communication systems for manufacturing operations.

  • Business...
    Zetron offers a range of solutions to solve communication problems to ensure maximum profitability for any type of business.

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