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StreetTrek™ is a software solution for effective real time vehicle, people or asset tracking utilizing popular GSM/GPRS hardware, including Enforaź MT-GL modems and GPS-capable two-way radio models, including Motorola MOTOTRBO™ series radio models.
StreetTrek™ runs on it's own - no general purpose browser like Internet Explorer is involved. GPS Data can be obtained from a local source or received over the internet.
Need to stay in touch with your fleet while out of office? No problem - StreetTrek™ offers solutions that will run on a PDA or a SmartPhone with Windows Mobile 5 OS or higher.
Using StreetTrek™ is simple and intuitive - no training required. Vehicles or Persons are represented by realistically looking graphics. You can even use graphics of your own choice and/or design. Icon labels can change background color to indicate telemetry or emergency conditions. Multiple maps can be opened in separate windows. You can use dual monitors to overview the whole fleet on one display and follow several vehicles in separate individually scalable maps on a second display. Users can enhance their maps with custom labeled landmarks.


  • Both automatic and on-demand updates over the Internet.

  • Regular Windows Application - runs in its own, no general purpose browser involved.

  • Works with popular GSM/GPRS modems and GPS-capable Two-Way Radios.

  • Native support for Motorolaź MOTOTRBO™ series radios.

  • High quality street-level digital maps by Tele Atlas cover all US, Canada, Puerto Rico.

  • World-wide coverage in Google Maps (StreetTrek™ Explorer).

  • Raster maps import.

  • Easy map navigation.

  • Multiple maps simultaneously shown and updated.

  • Realistically looking user-selectable assets and landmarks graphics.

  • Color-coded assets labels for telemetry and emergency conditions.

  • All map screens are printable.

  • Address lookup.

  • Play back vehicle/asset past route.

  • Printable reports with on screen preview.

  • GPS Data Export to CSV and XML formats.

  • Built-in online help and free upgrades over the Internet.

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