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CM300 Features:

  • 32 Channels

  • 8-Character Alphanumeric Display with User-Friendly Icons
    Assign a name to each channel for ease of use.

  • Die-cast Housing with Polycarbonate Outer Casing

  • 4-Watt Front-projecting Speaker

  • 4 Programmable Buttons (P1, P2, P3, P4)
    Customize shortcuts for up to 8 favorite features with a short/long press (4 more than CM200)

  • Red/Yellow/Green LED Indicators

  • Up/Down Channel Selector and Menu Scroll Buttons

  • Rotary On/Off/Volume Control

  • Audio Indicator Tones

  • VHF and UHF Frequencies

  • Time-out Timer

  • Busy Channel Lockout

  • Escalert (increases volume of unanswered alarm alert)

  • Voice-operated Transmit (requires voice-activated microphone)

  • TPL Standard and Non-standard Reverse Burst (for better compatibility with existing fleets)

  • Privacy Codes (42 standard TPL codes, 84 standard DPL codes and non-standard codes)

  • Menu Mode

  • System Scan and Auto Scan

  • Supports Up to 16 Scan Lists of Up to 16 Channels Each

  • Single and Dual Priority Scan (frequently scans higher-priority channels)

  • Revert Scan (radio moves automatically to last landed scan channel when exiting scan mode)

  • Customizable Audio Indicator Tones

  • Adjustable Backlight Intensity

  • Option Board Expendability

  • Quik-Call 11 Encode/Decode Selective Call/Call Alert

    • Selective Call: Calls a specific group or individual

    • Call Alert: Notifies a specific group or individual user with an alert tone and lighted LED

  • MDC 1200 Signaling (PTT ID, Selective Radio Inhibit Decode, Radio Check Decode)

    • PTT ID Encode/Decode: Sends unique digital ID information when transmitting (PTT ID), which can be displayed on radios equipped with MDC Decode

    • Selective Radio Inhibit Decode: Dispatcher can remotely disable radio to prevent transmission from reaching stolen or inactive radios

    • Radio Check Decode: Dispatcher can determine remotely if radio is powered on without disturbing user

  • 2-year Standard Warranty

CM200 & CM300... What These Radios Can Do for You
The CM200 and CM300 were designed for those of you who are new to two-way mobile radios and for users who need to upgrade their two-way radio communication with the best value-to-features ratio available. The new CM Series mobile radios are perfect for use by organizations with these specific needs.

  • Quality design and construction provide rugged reliability when and where it matters most

  • Small size makes mounting easy in almost any vehicle

  • Survlves temperature extremes per U.S. military standards

  • Loud, clear speaker provides effective communication in noisy environments

  • Superb reliability helps ensure the radio will last and work longer



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