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CM200 Features

  • 4 Channels

  • Red/Yellow/Green LED Indicators

  • 1-Character Numeric Display

  • 4-Watt Front-Projecting Speaker

  • Die-Cast Housing with Polycarbonate Outer Casing

  • 2 Programmable Buttons (P1, P2)

  • Supports a choice of up to 4 favorite features with a short/long press

  • Up/Down Channel Selector Buttons

  • Rotary On/Off/Volume Control

  • Audio Indicator Tones

  • VHF and UHF Frequencies

  • Time-out Timer

  • Busy Channel Lockout

  • Voice-operated Transmit (requires voice-activated microphone)

  • TPL Standard and Non-standard Reverse Burst (for better compatibility with existing fleets)

  • Privacy Codes (42 standard TPL codes and 84 standard DPL codes)

  • Single Priority Scan allows user to listen for activity on multiple channels

  • Quik-call II™ Decode Selective Call/Call Alert

    • Selective Call: Allows receipt from a specific group or individual

    • Call Alert: Receives notification from a specific group or individual user with an alert tone and lighted LED

  • MDC 1200 Push-to-Talk Identification Encode Sends unique digital ID information when transmitting (PTT ID), which can be displayed on radios equipped with MDC decode

  • 2-year Standard Warranty

High Performance ... Outstanding Value
The all-new Radius CM200 and CM300 two-way mobile radios are loaded with easy-to-program features, plus Motorola's legendary ruggedness, all at a very competitive price. The CM200 and CM300 radios are an affordable mobile solution from Motorola.

What can mobile radios do for you?

  • Effectively dispatch and manage employees for routine maintenance or critical, time-sensitive tasks

  • Enable efficient coordination of assignments by drivers

  • Improve customer service with quick communication between drivers and a dispatcher

  • Facilitate communication between a dispatcher and a fleet of portable and mobile two-way radios

  • Help users meet deadlines on the road, in the field or at the factory

  • Keep the work flowing no matter what the weather

  • Coordinate shipping and delivery for maximum efficiency and cost savings

CM200 and CM300 Radio Accessories

Customize Your Radio for Your Specific Needs
Choose from many Motorola Original® and Motorola Certified Accessories available for the CM200 and CM300 radios to expand the capabilities of your radio and create a customized communication solution for your business. Most M1225 mobile radio accessories are compatible with the CM200 and CM300. Ask us how we can help customize your mobile radios with just the right accessories for your communication needs.

  • Audio accessories - microphones and speakers
    Make it easy to hear and be heard

  • Hands-Free accessories
    Improve operating convenience and safety so that drivers stay focused and keep their hands on the wheel

  • Desktop Base Station Accessories - power supplies and stands
    Set up an efficient, centralized base station or dispatch center

  • Mounting Accessories
    Customize the mobiles mounting for any vehicle configuration

  • Antenna Accessories
    For transmission and reception range, choose from a variety of antennas

  • Mobile Data Accessories
    Allow your communication system to grow with Global Positioning Systems, Automatic Vehicle Locator Mobile Display Status Terminals and more

  • Public Address Accessories
    Convert your mobile into a public address system for broadcast communication

  • Alarm Accessories
    Provide a warning or alert

  • Installation Accessories
    Take care of unique vehicle installation situations easily

Accessories carry a one-year limited warranty.

CM200 Programmable Features (Choose up to 4)

  • Scan On/Off
    Enables/disables scan mode of operation

  • High/Low Power
    Adjusts transmit power to accommodate user environment

  • Repeater Talkaround
    Unit-to-Unit communication, bypassing the repeater

  • Local/Distance
    Local mode reduces interference from nearby radios, distance mode helps improve range

  • Tight/Loose Squelch
    Tight squelch helps minimize interference from undesired weak signals, loose squelch helps weak signals to be heard

  • Nuisance Channel Delete
    Temporarily deletes a specific channel from your scan mode if you no longer want to hear activity on that channel

  • Volume Set
    Sets preferred volume level for radio speaker

  • Silent Moniter/Open Squelch
    Silent monitor causes radio to remain silent when there is no channel activity. Open squelch monitor causes ''white noise'' to be heard when there is no channel activity

  • VOX On/Off
    Enables/disables voice-operated transmit functionality for the current channel

  • Escalert
    Increases volume of unanswered alarm alert

CM200 & CM300™... What These Radios Can Do for You
The CM200 and CM300 were designed for those of you who are new to two-way mobile radios and for users who need to upgrade their two-way radio communication with the best value-to-features ratio available. The new CM Series mobile radios are perfect for use by organizations with these specific needs.

  • Quality design and construction provide rugged reliability when and where it matters most

  • Small size makes mounting easy in almost any vehicle

  • Survives temperature extremes per U S. military standards

  • Loud, clear speaker provides effective communication in noisy environments

  • Superb reliability helps ensure the radio will last and work longer



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