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The PM400 mobile offers entry-level two-way radio options that are Motorola branded. The PM400 is perfect for new two-way radio users, small organizations, and firms that want an affordable solution with a maximum number features and Motorola's renowned quality. The PM400 has 64 channels giving you the widest choice of channels in this class of radios. The PM400 is the perfect complement to the PR400 portable radios. Combining portables and mobile radios along with Motorola original accessories allows you to build a customized communication solution for your business needs.


  • 64 Channels

  • Up to 8 Programmable Features

  • VHF and UHF models

  • Transmit Time-Out Timer

  • Busy Channel Lockout

  • Voice-Operated Transmit (requires voice-activated microphone)

  • Private-Line/Digital Private-Line Code Editing

  • TPL Standard and Non-Standard Reverse Burst (for better compatibility with fleets)

  • Privacy Codes (42 standard TPL codes, 84 standard DPL codes and non-standard codes)

  • System Scan and Auto Scan

  • Supports Up to 16 Scan Lists of Up to 16 Channels Each

  • Single and Dual Priority Scan (frequently scans higher-priority channels)

  • Revert Scan (radio moves automatically to last landed scan channel when exiting scan mode)

  • Scan Talkback (respond to transmission while scanning)

  • Adjustable Backlight Intensity

  • Quik-Call IITM Signaling Encode/Decode

  • Selective Call: Calls a specific group or individual

  • Call Alert: Notifies a specific group or individual user with an alert tone and lighted LED

  • MDC1200 Signaling

  • PTT ID Encode/Decode: Sends unique four-digit (Caller ID) information when transmitting on the current MDC system

  • Selective Radio Inhibit Decode: Dispatcher can remotely disable radio to prevent transmission from reaching stolen or inactive radios

  • Radio Check Decode: Dispatcher can determine remotely if radio is powered on without disturbing user

  • Emergency Encode: Causes an MDC Emergency Alarm Data Packet to be repeatedly transmitted on the current MDC system

  • DTMF Signaling

  • PTT ID Encode: Sends unique one to eight-digit ID (Caller ID) information when transmitting on the current DTMF system, which can be displayed on radios equipped with DTMF decoding capabilities

  • Selective Call/Call Alert Encode

  • Call Tone Tagging (special tone for a particular call)

  • 2-Year Standard Warranty



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