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A new generation voice pager, the Minitor V sports a major upgrade in performance and options. As the primary pager supplier for many community fire departments, we at Motorola take our responsibility of providing the best performing, most reliable paging products very seriously. Where improvements can be made, we make them. When customers request options, we surpass expectations.
The result is the MINITOR V, a new generation of pager, ideal for fire departments as well as businesses and other organizations that must react quickly in times of emergency.


  • Bandwidth options You now have the option to program the MINITOR V on narrow or wide-band channels for both UHF and VHF.

  • Improved paging sensitivity To receive signals consistently over a wide area, even with a weak signal.

  • Expanded alert tones As many as 12 programmable tones, including new musical options, are available to communicate specific alerts.

  • Tremendous stored voice capacity Recording time increased to eight minutes.

  • Rugged dependability Sturdy housing and solid, responsive knob action. The MINITOR V meets Military Standard 810, Procedures 1 for driving rain.

  • Customizable options along with dependable reception

  • Single and Dual Channel models

  • Wide and Narrow-band programmable channel spacing (VHF and UHF models only)

  • Expanded Stored Voice Records up to 8 minutes of voice message for playback

  • Silent Scan (Dual Frequency model) Scans both channels silently, alerts on either channel

  • Priority Scan (Dual Frequency model) Plays all traffic on Channel 2, alerts on Channel 1

  • Speaker/Earphone Jack

  • 12 Alert Tones Per Channel Supports 8 two-tone pairs and 4 long-tone alerts

  • Programmable Music Alerts Supports 10 different musical alerts

  • Function Mode Announcement (Stored Voice option) Announces operating programmed mode

Additional Features

  • Meets MIL-STD 810E, Procedures 1 for driving rain

  • Tone, Vibrate or Vibrate then Tone Alerting Options

  • Field programmable Frequencies and Tones

  • Certified UL Intrinsically Safe
    Division 1, Class 1, Group C D, Class II Group E, F G

Standard Package

  • Battery Pack

  • Standard Charger

  • User's Guide

  • One-Year Warranty

Accelerated Life Test
Motorola's Accelerated Life Test (ALT) is a developmental process of rigorous laboratory testing that simulates years of field use. Motorola has a firm commitment to quality and reliability. These pagers have been designed, manufactured and tested to achieve high levels of component and workmanship quality. Motorola pagers are designed to minimize costly repairs and downtime.

MINITOR V Service and Warranties
Motorola stands firmly behind its products. Whether it's a warranty, availability of parts and service, support of dealer-provided service or other offerings, we're here to help you succeed. Ensure MINITOR V two-tone voice pagers are in peak operating condition with Express Service Plus (ESP). ESP is an optional service plan available for depot service coverage for a period 2 or 4 years beyond the original Motorola warranty. These plans are available on MINITOR V pagers for an additional fee, and are available for purchase at the time of an equipment order or prior to the expiration of the standard commercial warranty period. Service is provided by the radio Support Center in Elgin, IL. When your equipment needs service, rely on Motorola's factory-trained service personnel to help ensure their equipment remains within factory operating specifications.

Motorola Original
When an accessory is purchased with this seal, it certifies a Motorola Original® Accessory. These high-quality accessories allow your customers to properly charge and safely transport the MINITOR V two-tone voice pager. Motorola Original Accessories carry a one-year limited warranty.

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