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The CP150 and CP200 Radios: High Performance at a Competitive Price
The new Radius CP150 and CP200 portable two-way radios deliver the quality features you want at a very competitive price. To provide the range that's best for your business, the CP150 radio is available in of UHF and VHF models. The CP200 radio is available in both of 4W UHF and 5W VHF models. Powerful 500 mW audio output penetrates noisy environments, providing clear, crisp audio at any volume. A lightweight, ergonomic design makes these radios comfortable to carry and operate, even while wearing gloves. A range of battery choices along with rapid recharging capabilities help ensure your radio is ready when you are. Programmable caption buttons make it easy to customize your radio with your choice of features. The CP200 radio offers the increased communication flexibility of push-to-talk radio ID and selective call.

Exceptional Durability

Rugged and reliable, the CP150 and CP200 radios undergo rigorous testing in the design process using U.S. Military Standards—so you can rest assured they will hold up under demanding conditions. These tests are designed to simulate the very harshest environments, including:

  • Blowing Rain — steady rainfall and wind for 30 minutes on every surface

  • Salt Fog — 48 hours of exposure to an atomized salt solution

  • Blowing Dust — six hours of blowing dust on all surfaces

  • Vibration — up to nine hours of exposure to vibration that simulates the rigors that a radio could undergo while being carried or transported

  • Shock — 18 shocks with a minimum G force of 40 G each

  • Temperature Storage — multiple hours of exposure to temperatures as low as -70º F followed by multiple hours of exposure to temperatures as high as 160º F

Motorola — A Name You Know and Trust
For more than 75 years, Motorola has been a leader in creating state-of-the-art wireless communications for people like you. The CP150 and CP200 two-way radios uphold that superior standard. And each radio is backed by a limited two-year warranty on parts and labor. So when you select the CP150 or CP200 portable, you'll experience the same exceptional quality you've come to expect from all Motorola products. *Radio accessories are covered by Motorola one-year accessories warranty.



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